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“This discounted product seems unbelievably cheap. Is this counterfeit? Hmm… is it really produced in Spain and processed in France?”

We’ve heard such questions many times! When do we realize that a product is counterfeit or is not traceable to its place of origin? Most of the time, it is not at the time of purchase. Many times we may not even realize… though it does affect us in one way or another.

Counterfeit products have plagued us for decades. It’s not just the disappointment of purchasing one. It has many implications that are not obvious.

  • Counterfeit drugs affect health and impair recovery from illness.
  • Counterfeit food products may cause severe health hazards. Heard about asbestos or lead poisoning? Do you think counterfeit products have stringent quality tests? Of course not!
  • What about that Organic Coffee you bought? Counterfeit coffee may have additives that are carcinogenic!!
“OK! What about Traceability of the product?”

To make the problems worse, the products we purchase may not be Traceable.

  • Was your box of Organic broccoli and strawberries at a facility that was later detected to have workers affected with COVID-19 at the time of packing?
  • How can we be sure the premium Cheese came via the authorized supply chain which stores them in warehouses that have the right temperature control?
  • How do we know our favorite Eggs or chicken was ethically farmed?
  • Can we blindly trust that the Organic Certification process was done at the Geolocation of the producer?

“Well, we have our questions to ponder!! Can we do something about it?”

Yes, we can! The answer is Blockchain-based Authentication and Traceability!! Vlinder Labs has the platform and the solution ready. Apart from authenticating the product, we can also trace every step from producer to consumer.

Reach out to us for a demo anytime. Yes! We can demo our solutions to you!!