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“Being a verifier of credentials, my biggest concern is meeting the Turn-Around-time requests from my clients while also ensuring compliance with the data protection laws around handling the Personally Identifiable Information”.

Be it a job application, a bank loan, tenant verification, or any of the umpteen different places where verification of IDs and Credentials are necessary, everyone wants the process to be completed fast. From delays in escrows, inability to hire on time, to losing a potential tenant, verifiers understand the consequences of delays are significant. The need to be compliant with GDPR and other data protection laws has made verifiers cautious at every step, adding more to the delay woes.

“More than 44 million have filed for unemployment benefits in the USA, after the Coronavirus pandemic, and many applications are stuck in ID verification. Wait time extended for many.” — Washington Post

“What causes delays in verification?”

Well, we need to first understand the verification process. Verification of credentials is a multistep process.

  1. Obtain the credentials from the citizen with consent.
  2. Verify each of the credentials with the respective issuer of the credential.
  3. Engage the customer if additional/missing information is required or if further authorization is necessary.
  4. Post completion, submit bundled proof of all verified credentials.

Add data protection laws into the mix and you will get a fair idea of why it takes days, if not weeks, for completion. Many verifiers have delayed complete compliance with data protection laws as they fear that further delays will not be acceptable or viable.

“Ok. It looks like the delays are an inherent part of the system and can’t be avoided.”

That might be what most verifiers are thinking up to this point. But it doesn’t have to remain that way. Vlinder’s Blockchain-based decentralized ID provides a platform for the ecosystem of Issuers, Citizens, and Verifiers, that complies with Data protection laws and enables faster verification.

  1. The Issuer provides digitally signed credentials to the Citizen via Public-Key Cryptography using the Blockchain ID on Vlinder’s platform.
  2. The citizen can share the pre-verified credentials with the verifier via his mobile wallet.
  3. Verification at the Verifier’s end is instantaneous upon receiving the credentials via Vlinder’s platform.

“That’s unbelievable. You are reducing verification time to hours from days/weeks!”

That is right! We have the platform ready, and we can demo the solution to you and explain how seamless and fast the whole process can become. This is the future of Credential management and Vlinder is leading the way in helping the entire ecosystem.

Reach out to us anytime for a demo. We will gladly be your partner in technology transition and adoption.