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“As an alcoholic beverage producer, we have a unique story to tell our customers about the origin of our ingredients, the processing, our aging methods, and the journey to glass.  However, our differentiation is not visible to the customer at the time of purchase.” — Whisky distiller, Scotland.
“Fake wine and spirits is costing the global drinks industry €2.7bn (US$3.18bn) in direct sales across the EU every year” —  European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).”  https://bit.ly/30v8hCI
“A third of rare Scotch whiskies were deemed to be outright fakes or whiskies not distilled in the year declared.” — BBC Scotland https://bbc.in/30uwCZe

Every producer of Alcoholic beverages has a unique story to tell.  They have perfected their art of distilling/brewing/vinification over decades of learning experiences. Many have locally grown single-origin ingredients that give distinctive taste and color.  Some create unique amalgams by sourcing ingredients from different parts of the world and have unique aging processes.  Though many producers spend huge amounts of money on promotion, marketing and advertising, they are not able to engage the end customer with their stories at the time of purchase and they can’t differentiate their brand from the rest.

On top of this, the producers need to deal with counterfeit alcohol.  Many bootleggers not only mimic the bottle and the labels, but they are also clever enough to even mimic the original taste by blending different types of alcohol. So the end customer can’t identify the counterfeit product and ends up buying and consuming it.  Counterfeit alcohol not only causes revenue loss to the producer, but it also affects the health of the consumer as it may contain toxic and carcinogenic chemicals.  Throughout the world, scores of people die due to counterfeit liquor consumption.  This generates negative publicity and leaves a tarnished brand image.

“OK! We got it!  But is there a commercially viable solution that can be implemented and handled even by someone who is not technologically savvy?”

Yes!  You can partner with Vlinder Labs, to use our Blockchain-based Authentication and Traceability platform to win the war over counterfeit alcohol and also engage the end customer at the time of purchase.  It is intuitive and can easily be handled by anyone with a mobile device.  Easy to record and easy to verify!!!

  1. Record using a mobile device or web app:
  2. The Authenticity of the product with details like brand name, type, quantity/size, images, videos, etc.
  3. The Traceability, the story/videos of origin, and the unique processing of the product.  Steps like harvesting, fermentation, aging, bottling, etc., can be captured.

These steps can be recorded on a predetermined template with Geolocation and Timestamp at various touch-points in the journey of the product.

  1. Verify at any time using a mobile device or an app on a kiosk at the Liquor store:
  2. Check authenticity.  Counterfeit bottles will show up immediately and alert the customer and send you feedback.
  3. View the traceability information to see the journey of the product.
  4. Engage the end customer with your unique story and promos.

All the information captured by our platform will be stored as transactions on the Blockchain.  Once recorded, it cannot be tampered/altered by anyone and it can be easily verified.  This brings in transparency and trust to the end customer.

Well, this is the future of Authentication and Traceability and Vlinder Labs can help you deploy and manage the whole solution.  You can reach us for a demo at any time and we will be glad to partner with you.