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“Our products have a unique story and we take pride in it.  However, it is lost in the vast ocean of products that clutter the market.  I wish I had a way to tell the individual story and the provenance for each product and instill the same pride in my customers”.

This tale is true for artisans, craftsmen, painters, designers, chocolatiers, coffee producers, farmers, and many more.  Many have perfected unique methods of painstakingly producing their product.  However, when the customers get to lay their hands on it, they don’t get to hear those stories and see why the product is unique.  Most customers are not able to appreciate the true value and differentiate it from the bulk produced unknown-origin products.

Take the Glass-blower from Italy for example.  He has a story to tell about his art of producing the crystal vase that has been passed down from generations.  He uses natural and non harmful metals, and makes everything by hand, making each piece unique.

The weaver of Pashmina shawls and scarfs in Kashmir takes pride in continuing a tradition that goes back 500 years.  He uses cashmere wool from Changthangi Goats, local to Jammu & Kashmir.  He processes them naturally and weaves them by hand and wants his customers to value his work.

The honey from Madagascar has an elaborate process to meet the standards set by its apiarist and takes months to culminate.  The apiarist wants to showcase the entire process for each batch of honey that has a rich earthy taste of Madagascar Bourbon vanilla.

The “Thirunalvelli Halwa” producer from Nellai City, India, uses no machines in processing the sweet and only the finest ingredients, harvested locally, find their way in it.  The chef has a story to tell about the journey of each batch of Halwa.

“Can’t the customer just look it up on the internet?”

Yes, they can get some general information.  But can do the following for a particular product which they are holding in their hands?

  1. Trace the origin of ingredients and the raw materials used.
  2. See the unique processing done for that unique piece of product with photos, geolocation, and timestamp.
  3. Understand how it is better for their family’s health.
  4. Hear the story about why the product is unique as told by the producer.
“Hmmm… that would be great.  But how does one believe what they see?”

Well, that’s where Blockchain can help.  Vlinder’s Blockchain-based Authentication and Traceability platform enables the producer to capture all of this information for each product, with Geolocation and Timestamp, with a reference of the transaction in Blockchain.  This makes it immutable and easily verifiable.  The Customer can view all of this via his mobile device at the time of purchase and verify its authenticity and trace it back to its origin.

That is the future of customer engagement and Vlinder Labs is leading the way to help the producer and the ecosystem to connect with the customer.  Reach out to us at any time for a demo.  We will be happy to partner with you.