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The other day my friend was uploading documents for his health insurance. He stopped and said “To ID or not to ID? That’s my question! I am not sure why I need to provide copies of the IDs that have everything about me including my signature?”

That sadly is not just a question! It’s an individual’s conundrum and a Systemic Problem!!

Identity theft and abuse of Personally Identifiable Information is something everyone needs to deal with.

According to the 2019 NortonLifeLock Cyber Safety Insights Report, 4 in 10 consumers in India have experienced identity theft. The rest of the world is not far behind.

“The Federal Trade Commission advises consumers to be wary of cybercriminals exploiting coronavirus fears to steal personally identifiable information (PII)” — consumeraffairs.com

As an Individual, one can’t solve the problem! But that doesn’t mean it can’t be solved by the ecosystem!!

I explained to him, “The answer is Blockchain-based Decentralized ID. This Self Sovereign Identity brings in complete autonomy to the Citizen to own his credentials. You can store all of your pre-verified credentials, digitally signed and encrypted, in a wallet on your mobile device. Not just your IDs, even land records and University credentials. You can control who, how long, and how much of the credentials are visible to the verifier. No one can access it without your consent.”

His curiosity knew no bounds when I told him that Vlinder’s platform is ready to onboard the entire ecosystem for Credential Issuers, Verifiers, and Citizens.

To create awareness, Vlinder is starting a multipart series campaign for Blockchain-based decentralized ID. Watch out for more articles from Vlinder that explain Decentralized Credentials and evolution of Self Sovereign Identity!!!

Contact us for more details! Yes!! We can demo our solution and platform to you!!!

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