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In 2020, Diagon harnessed vlinder platform to deliver experience for Tribe to take carnival to another level by leveraging emerging technologies like Blockchain, IoT and Mobile technologies for enhancing Masquerader experiences.

Diagon harnessed vlinder platform uses emerging technologies in transforming the overall carnival experiences right from Costume packaging & Digital picking at distribution, Monitoring security personnel, On road Masquerader experience enhancement and various administrative tools to improve operations and efficiency. The solutions are:

  • Costume Packing solutions help organizers to barcode and QR code every costume allowing the tracking of costumes and boxes. Masqueraders are provided with a mobile app for scheduling the pickup date and time slot. At the distribution center, they were enabled with self-help kiosks for completing payments and informed with wait times on big TV displays in the waiting hall. The collection time was reduced by the digital tracking of costumes by the picker.
  • Tracking of band movement via mobile app (using GPS). GPS signaling for monitoring of security personnel and confirm their association with a specific band.
  • On D Road Masqueraders experience – Vlinder solutions enhanced the masquerader’s experience during the carnival using NFC enabled wrist bands, Self-help kiosks, tracking of band movement using a mobile app, and seamless access to various services like Bars, Food, shuttle services, etc..
  • Live administrative real-time performance dashboards for monitoring and control like costume collection wait times, total scheduled, collected, paid, tracking band movement, food distribution status, etc

We believe these technologies are just a start to the transformation of the overall carnival experience which starts long before Carnival Monday and Tuesday.

vlinder with CEO "Dean Alkin"