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Authenticate and know everything about this artwork!

Learn how to Scan the Authentication chip using Vantr app.
Authenticate and know everything about this artwork!

This marvelous piece of artwork comes with an authentication chip that is placed below the sticker.  The owner of this artwork has converted their unique piece of artwork into an NFT using Vantr - The NFT platform for artists & collectors.

NFT is a digital representation of the unique artwork that remains associated with owner & makes it instantly verifiable.

The scan will help you:

  1. Authenticate the artwork.
  2. Verify the creator of the artwork.
  3. Verify the current owner.
  4. Trace the ownership history of the artwork from time of NFT creation to its current owner and
  5. Get all the details the artist has associated with this artwork.  Typically artists add their story behind the artwork, their inspiration and their message to the viewer that remains as a permanent online record.

Please download Vantr app:

Before using the Vantr App, you will have to enable the NFC on your phone (see settings - Device connection)

Once downloaded, open Vantr app, register yourself and follow the instructions on the app to scan the NFC.

Are you an artist who is interested in converting your artwork into NFTs?  

Sign up today: https://www.vantr.io/signup

Visit the Frequently Asked Questions page: https://faq.vantr.io/

Here is a short flyer on Vantr.  Click the image to enlarge or download: